James Tenney

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August 10, 1934: James Carl Tenney is born in Silver City, New Mexico, USA, one of two children born to Carl Deloy Tenney and Behuhlah Alva Chandler.
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September 9, 1963: Vexations for piano solo by Erik Satie (†38) is performed, possibly for the first time, in New York. The performance begins at 18:00 with a relay of ten pianists including John Cage (51), David Tudor, Christian Wolff (29), James Tenney (29), John Cale, David Del Tredici (26), and Joshua Rifkin.  Andy Warhol is in attendance and the experience has a major influence on his work.
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July 23, 1965: Variations V: 37 remarks re an audiovisual performance by John Cage (52) is performed for the first time, in Lincoln Center, New York. Among the performers are David Tudor, James Tenney (30), Robert Moog (31), Nam June Paik (33), Merce Cunningham, and the composer. Moog created antennae which make noises on the approach of dancers.
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March 26, 1977: Green Corn Dance for six percussionists by John Luther Adams (24) is performed for the first time, at Memphis State University, Tennessee. The work is dedicated to James Tenney (42).
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June 7, 1993: James Tenney (58) receives the $10,000 Chalmers Award for his work Critical Band in a ceremony in the Tennenbaum Opera Center, Toronto.
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August 24, 2006: James Carl Tenney dies of lung cancer in Valencia, California, USA, aged 72 years and 14 days.
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October 30, 2007: for Jim (rising) (in memory of James Tenney (†1) for three trumpets and three trombones by John Luther Adams (54) is performed for the first time, in Rotterdam.